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Fully Managed 5G & 4G LTE Wireless WAN Solutions

MACH Networks is the premier provider of comprehensive 5G and 4G LTE Wireless WAN solutions, catering specifically to the enablement and success of Service Providers, Agents, and Value-Added Resellers. 

Our extensive offerings include fully managed 5G or 4G LTE Failover and SD-WAN, Day-1 internet, MACH 5G Unlimited Plans, and the highly acclaimed AReS™ POTS Replacement Solutions. Our cloud-based solutions are delivered, monitored, and managed by an expert/certified team and backed by top-tier white-glove service and support.

MACH expertly serves a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, education, financial services, hospitality, restaurants, transportation, public safety, government entities, and more.  

As a privately held company headquartered in Carlsbad, California, we are committed to delivering unparalleled wireless connectivity solutions to meet the evolving needs of our valued partners. 

POTS Replacement with AReS™

MACH’s POTS Replacement Solution, AReS™ (Analog Replacement Solutions) helps you seamlessly transition from analog to digital, replacing old POTS lines with modern 5G or 4G LTE, thus future-proofing the connectivity of your most mission-critical applications. 


With the recent FCC Order 19-72A1, local exchange carriers will no longer offer POTS lines and are aggressively looking to migrate users from existing lines. In turn, analog connectivity prices have skyrocketed, and support is waning, leaving companies running mission-critical applications like fire alarms, elevator equipment, and call boxes scrambling for POTS Replacement and an alternative to their analog services.  


Award-winning and patent-pending MACH's POTS Replacement Solution AReS™ was created as the perfect alternative to modernize POTS-connected applications.   AReS™ is a purpose-built, fully managed POTS Replacement solution that includes enterprise-grade hardware, software, and support in an unparalleled, complete, cost-effective solution. 



Moving away from POTS to AReS™ is a business imperative for companies of all sizes, many of which have seen dramatic cost savings, a reduction in support calls, faster network speeds, and increased network visibility. We pay special attention to the unique configuration needs of fire and burglar alarms versus other mission-critical applications.  And in addition to being Cal-Fire and FDNY certified, our certified nationwide installer network ensures installation is done right the first time, with support that includes complementary pre/post-sales technical support, remote diagnostics, and a Lifetime Warranty.

The MACH Value Proposition

MACH Networks provides much more than just a router and a data plan; we provide Fully Managed 5G and 4G Solutions. These solutions are specifically designed to provide managed connectivity for business-class applications without the fear of excessive overage charges or delays in setting up your practice from scratch. Our data plans include a best-in-class level of service, key SLAs, and support from a world-class Managed Solution Provider. Our service consists of the remote monitoring & management of enterprise-class routers, usage alarms, alerts, and ongoing technical support.

Additionally, to make the deployments as close to plug-n-play as possible, we ACTIVATE, PROVISION, CONFIGURE and TEST all routers before shipping. And nobody does it better than MACH when it comes to monitoring and managing your data usage (including sending out daily email usage alerts).
Are you dealing with mission-critical applications on obsolete copper analog lines?  Worried about supporting connectivity to elevators, fire alarms, call boxes, point-of-sale, and many other traditionally analog-supported lines? No problem.  With MACH’s award-winning AReS™ POTS Replacement product line, you can quickly and seamlessly reduce costs and improve service levels using 5G or 4G LTE.  

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