Quick Service Restaurant Wireless Failover

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Retail Quick Service  Restaurant

Over 3,000 locations across  the globe

Reliable, Resilient 4G LTE  Wireless Failover for  corporate owned and  franchise locations.

Networks outages were far  too common and would  bring operations to a halt.

MACH Networks provided  us with fully managed  wireless failover consisting  of a Cradlepoint 4G LTE  router and mobile  broadband service on the  best available network for  each location.

The solution virtually  eliminated network  outages enabling us to  focus on serving our  customers.

Quick Service Restaurant Chain Turns to MACH Networks for  Fully Managed 4G LTE Wireless Failover Solutions


A Quick Service restaurant chain, which has thousands of locations serving millions of  customers across the globe. was experiencing costly network outages. Most of their  restaurants use Fortinet firewalls with traditional landline service, or in some cases satellite  service, for network connectivity. The main function of the network is to process credit card  purchases and provide corporate headquarters with mission critical data for inventory,  equipment, and sensors. With so many transactions taking place every day, the corporation  decided it was time to invest in a reliable, resilient wireless failover system to protect the  company against network connectivity issues. After careful consideration, the corporation  chose MACH Networks to provide a solutions that delivered “four-nines” (99.99% uptime or  better) network connectivity with our fully managed 4G LTE wireless failover solutions.

"Network outages are going to happen, and they usually happen at the worst possible  time, such as the lunch or dinner rush hour.” says the manager of IT Infrastructure.  “When a Network outage occurs, we can no longer process credit cards or monitor our  critical infrastructure such as refrigeration or inventory systems, and this is not a risk  we are willing to take.“


Being able to deliver quality food quickly and affordably means having reliable, resilient  connectivity. This means the store needs to get stay connected at all times. Realizing that  having dual T-1s or other dual landline circuits would not protect the business as expected  because both would likely fail in outages caused by human error or a natural disaster. LTE  solutions were already proven to provide reliable, truly resilient network connectivity, even  during a network outage or natural disaster.

Much of their current technology has become outdated and unable to keep up with the  demands of the business, so the company already has an eye toward the future planning for  next generation technology including 5G and beyond.

"When we realized LTE delivered speeds of 5-12 Mbps, we replaced the older, slower,  more expensive satellite connectivity with 4G LTE for primary connectivity. And as  technology continues to impact the industry, the new solution puts us on a path to  next generation technologies like 5G and beyond."


MACH Network proposed a fully managed, enterprise class solution that included the  Cradlepoint COR IBR650 4G LTE router, service on the best available network (AT&T or  Verizon Wireless) for each location, along with remote monitoring, management, and  ongoing technical support from MACH Networks.

The Cradlepoint reliable and semi-rugged COR IBR 650 router is an enterprise class 4G LTE  router that enables us to deliver “four nines” reliability to complement whatever local  landline service is already being used. From a management perspective Cradlepoint ECM, a  cloud-based remote management platform reduces truck rolls and enables us to centrally  deploy, group, manage, update, or configure devices at thousands of remote locations all  from a single pane of glass.

For connectivity, MACH Networks relies on service form the nation’s fastest, largest, most  reliable wireless network providers in north America including AT&T and Verizon Wireless.  We even conduct a multi-carrier coverage analysis to ensure we are providing service on the  best available network for each location.

Our Fully Managed Solutions mean that we activate, configure, and test each device prior to  shipping. We then monitor the routers and help manage usage to help protect against costly  overage charges. We also provide ongoing technical support to ensure your solution is  working as expected. If there is a problem, we take care of it the first time, with one call.


MACH Network delivered a cost effective, fully managed solution that virtually eliminated  network downtime. Now if a construction crew digs up a landline, a storm takes out the  network, or the local ISP has an interruption in service, the company’s restaurants continue  to operate, business as usual. The solution was so successful that the Company  recommended that the Franchisees contact MACH Networks to discuss installing wireless  failover solutions for the franchisee owned restaurants.

“MACH Networks stepped up and delivered a fully managed solution that provides over 99% network uptime. By providing  an enterprise class solution that includes best-in-class routers, service on the best available network, and outstanding  technical support, we can stay focused on our core business knowing that we are protecting our company, our customers,  and our bottom line.”

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