Analog, Copper, POTS Replacement: Fire Alarm Communications Regulations Information

For existing fire alarm installations traditional analog, copper and POTS landline services may be actively swapped out for more cost-effective and efficient LTE connectivity using the new sixty-minute supervision option mode approved by NFPA, Section 72. 

The new rule change allows for single Cellular only communication pathways with the requirement that such circuits must communicate a signal with status once every hour. When installed with multiple network communications technologies, it is acceptable to supervise the cellular communication path just once daily. MACH’s  AReSTM POTS replacement solutions service that requirement.

Best Practices when Installing the POTS in a BOX® solution as the Sole Path for a Commercial Fire System:

  • Ensure the best possible cellular reception during installation.
  • Achieving maximum reception may require optional external antennas.
  • Provide access to required standby power.
  • Access MPLS, Internet pathways, as necessary for diversity.

Learn more in this White Paper.

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