The Dawn of 5G - AT&T

We stand on the doorstep of the 5G world.When the Wright brothers invented the airplane, it fundamentally altered how we experience traveling.It wasn’t just about speed. Yes, it was great getting from Chicago to Miami in less time. But flight also gave us thrill of defying gravity and soaring to new heights.

Flight became a new “user experience” for every traveler: the space-age feel of the airport; the visceral rumble in the chest as the turbine engines fire up; the press of G-force as the plane accelerates down the runway; the flutter in the stomach as the plane leaves the ground; the exhilaration of bursting through the clouds cruising at 30,000 feet.

Just as the airplane fundamentally changed the traveling experience and set off a chain reaction of innovation, so too does 5G promise to alter the nature of our digital experience. Some hear “5G” and just think it means faster connection speeds. However, it goes beyond that. As it matures, 5G is expected to alter the very DNA of our user experience in dramatic, exciting ways—from leisure to healthcare to retail to manufacturing to finance and beyond.To imagine what’s coming, it helps to look back where we’ve been.

How would your business be faring if you never adopted any mobile technology beyond the 2G world? It’s like opting to keep the abacus instead of upgrading your team to computers and spreadsheets.In this whitepaper, we will examine some of the key drivers of 5G innovation. We’ll look at 5G as a new experience—and as a possible enabler of radically new ways to do business. Finally, we’ll also look at a timeline of our path to 5G, and what you can do to prepare for what promises to be a the next great, world-and-mind altering experience.

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