Transformation of Telecommunications Industry

Wireless WAN technology is changing the landscape of our industry. Sales of traditional connectivity services like T1s, MPLS, DSL and even fiber are expensive, hard to manage, slow to deploy, and they do not offer the same level of performance and flexibility required by enterprise businesses.

On the other hand, next generation wireless WAN technology, is getting faster, latencies lower, connectivity more affordable, and solutions can be deployed in days vs. weeks.  This is spurring the launch of a new and disruptive technology like Software Defined Wide Area Networking, as well as creating new opportunities as more companies migrate their applications to the cloud and as more machines begin communicating with each other.  

When 5G becomes broadly available, it will push the use cases for wireless as primary connectivity even further.  According to Gartner, over 20B IoT devices will be connected, and even more importantly, 60% of distributed enterprises will deploy Software Defined Networking solution by the end of 2020!  These and many other data points tell us that 4G LTE and 5G technologies represent the biggest opportunity for growth in the entire telecom industry.

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