White Label Solutions

White Labeled, Fully Managed Solutions for Service Providers and ASPs

Designed to meet the requirements of Service Providers, MACH Networks provides a simple, seamless way to add 4G and 5G Wireless Failover, POTS Replacement, 5G Unlimited Data Plans, Day-1 internet and SD-WAN connectivity solutions to your product portfolio without changing your existing business model.  Offer new solutions without having to spend time and money designing and developing them yourself with MACH expertisealready  trusted by some of the largest landline providers in the nation.

This program enables Service Providers to quickly and easily add 4G and 5G Wireless Failover and SD-WAN connectivity solutions to your product portfolio as a white labeled solution where we handle the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your core business. This includes warehousing and managing inventory, activating, configuring and testing the routers prior to shipping, remotely monitoring and managing the routers, sending usage alerts, and providing all ongoing tier 1, 2, and 3 technical support.

We even conduct a multi-carrier coverage analysis to help ensure we are providing service on the best available network for each customer location.  Since this is a white label solution, we bill you and you bill your end customers.  

Benefits of White Labeling

  • White labeling helps boost the visibility of your brand.   By offering a wider range of products and services you easily and quickly keep abreast of industry trends without the burden of additional subject matter experts and long internal ramp times and cost.

  • Strengthen customer loyalty.  By choosing quality white label solutions, like those offered by MACH Networks, you build customer loyalty and strengthen your reputation in the market.   Reduce churn and sell more to your existing base.

  • Tap into expert knowledge.  In today's tight job market finding subject matter experts, especially in niche technologies like WWAN, can be a daunting task.   Eliminate this pain point by tapping into MACH's team of subject experts all trained and capable of giving your clients A1 support across the whole spectrum of WWAN products and solutions.

  • Save time and money.  Creating your own products from scratch is both time consuming and a money pit, using up valuable resources and precious time to create a unique offering.  There is no need to spend engergy reinventing the wheel, white labeling plugs you directly into revenue streams and minimizes start up nightmares.

  • Take the pressure off.  Utilizing the expertise of MACH Networks takes pressure of management and support teams trying to ramp new solutions.   Get to market quickly with an excellent backoffice supporting cast who take the burden of defects and failures off your plate and allow you to focus on retaining and growing your customer base.

Requirements: Minimum of 1,000 activations per year - Service Provider bills the end customer.

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