AReS™ POTS Replacement Benefits

The Benefits of AReS for POTS Replacement

A fully managed, single-source solution for POTS replacement, AReS™ is perfect for VARs, service providers, telecom agents, and businesses looking to simplify their operations by converting analog devices to digital. AReS™ provides high-performance, fully managed, lifetime warranty and code-compliant POTS replacement solutions for organizations looking to cut costs and streamline operations. 

  • Configuration Specificity: We do not believe that there is a one-size-fits-all solution for POTS Replacement.  That is why we have different configurations based on the specific usage model.  One for fire and burglar alarms and one for elevators, faxes, call boxes, etc.

  • Cost Savings: The cost savings from converting to AReS™ POTS Replacement can range from 30-50% when compared with traditional copper analog lines, thanks to the more reliable service and network connectivity. 

  • Certifications:  Cal Fire, FDNY, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon certified

  • High Performance: AReS™ POTS Replacement provides enterprise-class 4G and 5G driven connectivity that improves performance and reliability for mission-critical applications, including life safety, monitoring, HVAC, and many more. 

  • Latest Technology: AReS POTS Replacement is an IP-based solution designed to provide mission-critical connectivity for the foreseeable future. In addition, AReS POTS Replacement can be quickly and easily upgraded to 5G, ensuring connectivity for many years to come.

  • Fully Managed: AReS™ POTS Replacement is a fully managed solution that is activated, configured, and monitored by trained professionals to ensure uptime is maximized and data overages are reduced.

  • Compliant: AReS™ POTS replacement is code compliant in all 50 states and Canada with FCC approval as a life safety connection and carries UL listing and approval.

  • Simple Billing: With AReS™ POTS Replacement you will no longer have to worry about complicated billing or unexpected fees, as we manage all the carrier relationships. 

  • Highly Secure: AReS™ POTS Replacement comes with a high-performance, highly secure NAT router with built-in security features such as AES encryption, security certificates, etc. 

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