White Paper: AReS™: The Next Generation POTS Replacement Solution

The End of an Era: POTS Is No Longer Viable for Mission-Critical Connectivity

The FCC has directed that by August 2022, analog lines for elevators, fire alarms, and call boxes should be replaced with more modern connectivity. Because they are part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, they need to withstand natural disasters, be more scalable, and offer modern, more cost-effective connectivity. 

Unfortunately, the current POTS infrastructure is outdated and is forcing organizations to find a new solution. As a result, MACH Networks has developed an innovative POTS Replacement solution,  AReS™ (Analog Replacement Solution). This Cradlepoint-based, award-winning, and patent-pending solution uses secure and reliable 4G and 5G cellular networks to route traffic to or from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), enabling full-service call completion over various encoding methods and full, secure POTS replacement.

POTS Replacement with AReS™ is specifically designed to lower operational costs and streamline execution by providing analog-to-digital conversion for virtually any specialty line, including fire alarms, elevators, HVAC, fax, blue light, POS, and other voice-related applications.

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