Fully Managed 5G and 4G LTE Solutions as-a-Service

Fully Managed 5G and 4G LTE Routers

MACH Networks makes deploying fully managed last-mile connectivity solutions quick, easy, and profitable. Our reliable and cost-effective solutions can be deployed in days versus weeks and include POTS Replacement, Wireless Failover, SD-WAN connectivity for branch offices, Day-1 Internet access, connectivity for students & remote workers, IoT, digital signage, transportation, and many more applications… all with enterprise-class 5G and 4G LTE unlimited data connectivity. 

And we don’t just provide routers and data plans, we manage the routers, monitor usage, and provide daily usage reports, so you are never surprised with excessive overage charges at the end of a month. We also provide ongoing technical support to ensure the entire solution works as expected. Finally, when it comes to fulfilling and deploying your solution, we provide the sim card and activate, configure, and test the router before shipping to make the installation process as close to plug-and-play as possible.

AReS™ (POTS Replacement Solutions) 

Our award-winning, enterprise-class POTS replacement solutions are designed to provide dial-tone for elevators, alarms, call boxes, fax machines, POS terminals, and more. AReS uses industry-leading POTS Replacement Cradlepoint routers to provide secure and reliable 5G and 4G LTE cellular connectivity and route traffic to or from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), enabling call completion using various encoding methods.  

We do not believe there is a one-size-fits all solution for POTS Replacement.  That is why we have different configuraitons based on the specific usage model be it fire and burglar alarms or elevators, faxes, and call boxes.

Our POTS Replacement ecosystem partners, including Cradlepoint, BEC, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, ensure you have enterprise-class connectivity for all your mission-critical applications. Any application that requires a traditional analog dial tone-based circuit can utilize these advanced POTS Replacement Solutions, which incorporate newer, IP-based technology for SMBs and large enterprises.

Private Network Services

In addition to the manageability and security found in our managed router and gateway solutions, MACH Networks also delivers Network Sentinel™, a Wireless Private Network Service that protects your data from being exposed to the public internet and protects your mobile devices from cyber-attacks and malicious intent.  

Network Sentinel™ simplifies the complexity of self-managing a Private Network Service, allowing SMBs, enterprises, or educational institutions to focus on what matters most - running a safe, secure, and trusted network environment.


Rounding out the MACH portfolio are our satellite connectivity services. So if your customers are located in challenging locations where traditional means of connectivity are unavailable or unreliable, MACH has you covered with high-speed internet that can reach almost every business, even in the most challenging of locations!  

With nationwide coverage, affordable data plans, and installation usually in 3 to 5 business days, MACH’s fully managed satellite connectivity is the easy way to provide connectivity for locations that couldn’t be reached before. Our satellite-based solutions provide truly diverse network access from traditional providers, giving your customers the reliability and availability critical in today’s business environment.

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