NETWORK SENTINEL™ Private Network Services

The Business Challenge

The mobile workforce is today’s workforce, so continuously and dynamically protecting network integrity in a world of evolving cyber threats is a serious concern.

What is Network Sentinel™?
Network Sentinel is a Wireless Private Network Service that protects your data from being exposed to the public internet, so your mobile devices are protected against cyber-attacks and malicious intent.

Network Sentinel™ uses machine learning to counter potential mobile security threats by continuously analyzing end-user behaviors and hundreds of millions of websites each day to identify malicious intent and detect abnormalities in your mobile traffic.

Secure 4G and 5G Network Connectivity
Our enterprise-grade Network Sentinel sets a new standard by offering the highest level of security, control, and productivity for the mobile workforce. 
Private Network Services block DOS attacks as well as non-business critical traffic and applications like Netflix, Pandora, adult content, entertainment, sports, and much, much more.

Network Sentinel vs. VPN Clients
Network Sentinel provides greater protection than mobile VPN clients without the need for software on each device. 

Private Static IP Addresses 
Get a scalable pool of private IP addresses that remain unreachable from the internet. 

Visibility and Control
Gain visibility into every byte of data that mobile devices send, increase productivity, protect your business against excessive overage charges and reduce your monthly mobile expenses. 

Secure Remote Access
Bi-directional connectivity enables ease of access to devices for management and data log collection.

Our fully managed security solutions allow SMBs and enterprises to focus on their business, not network security and includes pro-active, real-time protection for all 4G and 5G enabled mobile devices, including tablets, laptops, desktops, and more. With Network Sentinel, you can also control data usage, eliminate DOS (Denial-of-Service) attacks, block malicious or inappropriate websites, and monitor your traffic.  Ongoing technical support reduces IT burden by offering access to a support team dedicated to helping you succeed and focus on what matters most - running a safe, secure, and trusted network environment.

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