No Overage LTE for Wireless Failover is a Game Changer

No Overage LTE for Wireless Failover

Our reliable and resilient wireless failover solutions are designed to provide network connectivity to SMB and Enterprise Businesses with 99.99% uptime.   Why risk your client's business due to random outages or unpredictable line cuts?  
The value propositions are clear:

  • Fast, reliable WWAN connectivity for Business Critical Applications 
  • Plans that are based on speed, not the amount of data used
  • Reliable, resilient wireless failover ensures your business stays connected in the event of a network outage.
  • May include a No Overage LTE™ data plan with a private network service that blocks streaming media traffic and customer Wi-Fi.
  • "Worry-Free" network connectivity eliminates the fear of incurring excessive overage charges.
  • Traffic shaping & blocking used to control overages
  • Predictable monthly charges, no surprises
  • Fast network expansion, quick to deploy
  • Increase worker productivity, as your network never misses a beat

Try our Downtime Cost Calculator 
to estimate the risk to your business of extended downtime

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