Satellite Myth Busters


The first step to making any business decision is learning the facts. But when it comes to choosing a business internet service provider, the facts aren’t always clear-cut.

Let’s bust a few myths about satellite internet for business. Today’s satellite internet isn’t just a viable option for basic connectivity – it’s a full-featured communications solution to hard-to-reach firms just about anywhere.

  • How weather affects satellite connectivity?
    Normal weather, such as light rain, has a minimal impact on satellite internet. During severe weather, networks are carefully managed to keep customers connected. While outages are possible under extreme circumstances, customers are more likely to notice only a temporary dip in speeds – if anything.

  • Satellite is only relevant to businesses in rural areas
    Available to 96 percent of the U.S. population, satellite internet has proven to be a good option for hard-to-reach businesses just about anywhere, including suburban and urban sites stuck on old land-based networks or competing for bandwidth on overloaded cell towers.

Satellite connectivity services are

typically 3X faster than DSL

  • Satellite is only used as a backup connection
    With speeds and features that rival or even surpass traditional DSL and T-1 business services, satellite internet can and does work as a primary connectivity solution for thousands of businesses.  In fact,  the majority of business customers that use satellite internet use it as a primary connection.

  • Satellite can’t support VoIP applications
    Satellite works ‘out-of-the-box’ with most VoIP providers; however, some VoIP networks require tuning to optimize the connection.

  • Satellite internet dishes look bad and are a hassle to install.
    The Viasat Internet dish we deploy measures just 30 inches by 28 inches and can usually be installed unobtrusively on the roof or side of a business – or even on a pole nearby. In most cases, installation is completed within 3-5 business days of the order being placed.

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